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Jonathan Mortimer Smith popularly known as Lil’ Jon has been one of the definitive singers of the era that has risen to international stardom for his fanatics in the music industry. He is a singer, rapper, producer and DJ that has performed with the likes of stars such as the East Side Boyz, Ludacris and many more. Since 2003, he has produced hits such as ‘Salt Shaker’ and ‘Yeah’ which got instant shots at popularity. His music has featured in a number of Video Games such as Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland, 25 to Life, Def Jam – Icon and Midnight Club 3 – Dub Edition remix. Besides music, Lil Jon has also played a small stint in acting over a period of films. Those that are looking to download free Lil Jon ringtones can now get the best of what they want for absolutely no cost. Simply download the Lil Jon ringtones that they need and users will be able to set their ringtones to any one of his award winning tunes.

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